Fraud - Auto Insurance Fraud

MotorBikeTrend - In the USA automobile insurance fraud is becoming one of the largest fraud issues this nation is confronted with. Within this guide we are going to speak about some of the very prevalent car insurance fraud scams and what someone can do to keep them.

Nowadays among the most popular insurance fraud scams entails auto insurance and automobile accidents. More especially, staged automobile accidents. All these have really gotten very complicated to the point at which they involve several participants. There are lots of versions of them. We are going to cover the key ones.

Fraud - Auto Insurance Fraud

First there is what is called the swoop and squat. This scam involves three vehicles. Two are pushed by the offenders and the third party is pushed by the sufferer. The man driving the"swoop" vehicle pulls before the squat automobile and blatantly cuts off the vehicle. Normally, the victim can not respond quickly enough and rams to the squat motor vehicle. Meanwhile, the swoop automobile that resulted in the injury takes off and is not seen again. The victim tells police the swoop automobile caused the crash, but since that vehicle can not be found the victim ends up having to cover the harm and some other personal injury claims.

Then there is what's referred to as the negative swipe. This sort of accident generally occurs at busy intersections with double left hand turn lanes. The offender places his automobile in the outside left turn lane. After the victim's automobile drifts to the outside turn lane that the offender side swipes him. To be certain that the scheme works the offender does preliminary surveillance to ensure the intersection is active enough where drifting will happen due to the amount of traffic.

Another frequent automobile incident scam is what's referred to as the Stress Stop. Within this strategy the offender forces a late model automobile full of lots of passengers. The offender will then place himself in the front of the sufferer and also have among those passengers seem out the rear window watching to watch for any symptoms of diversion such as calling a mobile phone call or altering a channel on the radio. Any indication that the sufferer is taking his eyes away from the road. After this occurs the passenger signs the driver that then slams on the brakes consequently causing an crash. The sufferer will assert that the offender ceased brief for no apparent reason but generally to no avail. In the meantime that the sufferer must cover all damages and accidents reported.

Unfortunately there's just 1 method to prevent these kind of accidents and that's to be observant at all times and maintain a safe distance away from any car before you. The sad reality is, even if all drivers would only comply with the speed and space regulations and laws, accidents such as these would not occur. Drive smart and safe as well as your odds of becoming the victim of automobile insurance fraud will be significantly diminished.

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