Auto Insurance - Can Someone Else Drive My Car and Still Be Covered?

MotorBikeTrend - I receive this phone on once a month from a number of my Ann Arbor insurance customers:

Is it ok for somebody else to drive my vehicle?

For many people the reply to this question sounds to be an obvious'yes', but it is really an excellent question since there are several hidden risks anytime you let somebody borrow your vehicle. Even if it's just for a couple hours! Were you aware that the insurance carrier may deny coverage (i.e. not cover a claim to restore your car) if you let someone borrow your vehicle for more than an elongated time period (actual days might vary by insurer, so make certain to check) if you do not divulge the operator?

Auto Insurance - Can Someone Else Drive My Car and Still Be Covered?

That sounds pretty acute, right?  Why would the insurance company do such a mean thing?

Well, I understand you would not be so devious, but some people really attempt to scam Ann Arbor Insurance firms by insuring an automobile because of their brother, by way of instance, who's 3 DUI's, 4 at-fault injuries, and has not had his car insurance for the previous seven decades. They do so to attempt to help save cash, but it's serious consequences. The moral of this story is, always inform your insurer who'll be driving your automobile if more than a couple weeks just to be safe.

Another fantastic issue that I get on this subject out of my Ann Arbor insurance customers is,"Who is policy will pay for the damage to my car should they mess it?" The solution is,"Your coverage is going to need to cover it." Another hidden danger, particularly if the person borrowing your car does not have their own automobile insurance comes into play whenever they had been to have a poor accident in your vehicle and have been sued by a different party. Your liability policy might have to shield them and you might be placing your resources at risk.

Therefore, while it can look like the solution is obviously yes to this query,"Can somebody else drive my automobile?" , there are problems which should make you pause and ask if this is a fantastic idea. If you are in doubt, call your insurance agent and discuss the details together.

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