2018 Yamaha Niken Review

MotorBikeTrend - Probably the most fascinating bicycle to have come from the Yamaha factory in at least 2 years, the'striking NIKEN', using its double leaning front wheels would be the world's earliest multi-wheel manufacturing bike. However, where does this fit on the current market and to whom should it appeal? BikeSocial hot-footed it, Jake-the-Peg design, to the Alps and the media riding launching to find out whether the 80% additional front-end grip claims were accurate and also to find ammunition to notify and teach the swathes of societal media-based opinionaters.

Tilting trikes are known as scooters, but how well will the leaning three-wheel thought lend itself into some sporty, performance system?

2018 Yamaha Niken Review


Yamaha have given the world a completely new concept -- they have pushed the boundaries using a stunning three-wheeled motorcycle equipped with a genius motor, the capacity of leaning to 45-degrees with space riding-like heights of relaxation and encouraging levels of assurance with braking, cornering capability even if riding on uneven or wet surfaces.

The media evaluation happened down and up the richly diverse and scenic Austrian mountain streets, 175-miles of these but I spent the first couple of miles seeking to figure out whether it had been just like a maxi-scooter or some significant tourer. Truly though, driving the brand new Yamaha just feels just like a typical two-wheeled bicycle except when I came in the very first long sweeping corner in which the NIKEN's secrets are revealed... the bicycle showed why it's the advantages of additional traction and stability. A clear statement but a fascinating feeling when you are deep into the flip in 40-45 degrees having made no real work. 'more fun, less anxiety' they say, also with just two front cabins, two collections of suspension and 2 sets of front wheels they are quite perfect.

Oh, and just for the record; it’s not a trike because trikes don’t lean. A complete bike licence is needed to ride it and it does not stand up by itself.


£13,499 is exactly what it will cost to ride away from the neighborhood dealership in September when they will be delivered. A hefty cost yes but what about the gear? It has lots of bike for the money also, all 263kg's worth.

Engine, gearbox and exhaust
The much-loved liquid-cooled, 847cc, three-cylinder four-stroke that is also utilized at Yamaha's MT-09, Tracer 900 and XSR900 delivers the exact same 113.4bhp in the summit 10,000rpm. Modifications to give it a bit more torque happen to be accomplished by raising the crank's inertia and optimizing the gas injection settings. The gears are made with a stronger, high-strength steel metal while the secondary equipment ratio is raised from 45 to 47 teeth. This produces the gears look taller with lots of revs for tomfoolery accessible. For example, 50mph at 2nd gear sees you in 8,000rpm -- so that is still beneath the peak torque figure.

2018 Yamaha Niken Review

It is the candy torque-filled triple which may be credited to lots of their MT-09's success and the exact same could be said for its NIKEN. Though it's currently trapping a system carrying an excess 72kg (that is an entire Valentino Rossi) that the motor is indeed manageable and provides just about sufficient muscle to propel the significant three-wheeler round the sweeping Austrian Alpine streets. Additionally, this is proof that just complete license holders must be riding the NIKEN, also any more electricity along with the back wheel will be sliding all over the display on corner exit - grip control is only going to keep you at the seat for such a long time.

The short, stubby, underbelly exhaust is equally as pleasing on the ears because you would expect from a triple, although the Akrapovic attachment exhaust could increase that additional. The 6-speed gearbox is fitted using a fantastic quickshifter for upward changes just, and not once was a equipment missed or some neutral discovered. The quickshifter remains perfect kit to maintain the relaxation levels up also, especially because the gearbox has been provided a suitable workout together with all the wet, cobbled 3,000 metre-high mountain leading streets and neighboring slick first equipment uphill hairpins to quickly, flowing 6th equipment mountain moves round the richly smooth and lovely Grossglockner High Alpine Road -- crucial if you're in that portion of the world.

Power and torque

113bhp to take 263kg around (plus catalyst ) is not a fair capacity to weight ratio but obviously raising the energy i.e. engine dimensions is simply likely to include weight. And besides there is insufficient traction in the trunk to deal with more electricity so the equilibrium of bhp in the fantastic triple cylinder engine is really a more-than-acceptable compromise. Thus, it's the torque figure at which the NIKEN, exactly enjoy the bicycles it shares its engine , excels.

Adequate push in the mid century when climbing from a diminished corner overtaking, though I would recommend dropping down a gear to improve the revs. But in this match of three-wheeled Top Trumps, lower torque beats off weight the line and also the delivery is a lot easy in all three of its riding manners; 1 being the sportiest while 3 is basically the rain style. The NIKEN will readily return 120mph+ when desired while the cruise controller nicked from other Yamaha's is a comparatively easy single on/off button together with a sprung rocker switch for increasing or diminishing -- mind that it only operates in 4th, 5th or 6th.

2018 Yamaha Niken Review

For people who are curious, yes the NIKEN will wheelie.

2018 Yamaha NIKEN verdict

With a few modern technology and accessories such as a new LCD dashboard, upgraded controls, a bigger and flexible screen, bag and likely even vacationing friendly touches like heated grips and hand guards and Yamaha could have an extremely capable sports-tourer. Its comfy riding position and thoroughly skillful equilibrium on both the approach to while at the corners is a very big win for Yamaha heaping assurance into all-weather riders or people who want more confidence when leaning.

It is varied, it bucks the trend however just like a lost pup, it merely requires a home for this to flourish, which is as a sports tourer. In general, Yamaha ought to be famous for being courageous enough to change the standard with an interesting, interesting and innovative motorbike.

A smaller capacity variant could just be the secret to bringing younger A2-licence kind riders too.

Not only will the NIKEN function as master of winter, but it is going to control the wet summer streets too and it is going to be the one that you turn as well as local authorities continue to ruin British streets with their insufficient investment and bodged patchwork fix tasks.

And to the military of social networking detractors, I recommend you to give it a try. After all, how can something be disliked without even attempting it? So it is a fantastic job that Yamaha are embarking on a 34-location European tour from June - October allowing interested parties to provide the NIKEN a whirl. Stand by for UK dates and places.

Three things I loved about the Yamaha NIKEN…
• Front end feel and grip
• Smooth power and torque delivery
• It’s novelty value

Three things that I didn’t…
• Rear end grip
• Short and non-adjustable windshield
• Ye olde dash and instruments

2018 Yamaha NIKEN specification


Engine type:
3-cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valves

847 cm³

Bore x stroke:
78.0 mm x 59.1 mm

Compression ratio:
11.5 : 1

Maximum power:
84.6 kW (113.4bhp) @ 10,000 rpm

Maximum torque:
87.5 Nm (64.5 ft-lbs) @ 8,500 rpm

Lubrication system:
Wet sump

Clutch type:
Wet, Multiple Disc

Ignition system:

Transmission system:
Constant Mesh, 6-speed

Final transmission:

Fuel consumption:

CO2 emission:


410 mm


Front travel:

110 mm

Caster angle:

74 mm

Front suspension system:

Double upside down telescopic forks

Rear suspension system:
(Link type suspension)

Rear travel:
125 mm

Front brake:
Hydraulic Double Disc, Ø 298 mm

Rear brake:
Hydraulic single disc, Ø 282 mm

Front tyres:

120/70 R 15

Rear tyre:
190/55 R 17

Dual front tyres


Overall length:
2,150 mm (Tracer 900: 2,160mm)

Overall width:
885 mm (Tracer 900: 850mm)

Overall height:
1,250 mm (Tracer 900: 1,375 mm)

Seat height:

820 mm (Tracer 900: 850mm)

Wheel base:
1,510 mm (Tracer 900: 1,500mm)

Minimum ground clearance:
150 mm (Tracer 900: 135mm)

Wet weight (including full oil and fuel tank):

263 kg (Tracer 900: 215kg)

Fuel tank capacity:
18 L

Oil tank capacity:
3.4 L

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