2018 Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 First Ride Review

Motorbiketrend - It is finally here, people. Considering that its theory premiered at EICMA in 2015, the 701 was a highly anticipated model across the world. In the farthest stretches of the world wide web, remarks have inquired when, if, and in which the Vitpilen 701 will be accessible -- with a few giving up hope regarding if it was likely to be generated in any way. MO is pleased to announce that we've had the opportunity to get the Vitpilen 701 within our garage and also to check on our home streets. Although our time together with all the Vitpilen 701 was short, we made great use of it.

2018 Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 First Ride Review

Husqvarna is now making its way back to road motorcycles after almost 70 decades, but one other of this Vitpilen's crucial will remind one that the firm was "Pioneering Considering 1903." Although the provider first pushed an internal combustion engine into a bike frame in 1903, its origins can be traced back to 1689, once the business was made as a weapons foundry. Fast forward to 2013 and KTM's purchase of the company, which might give Husqvarna an ace-in-the-hole as it came to producing new road bikes. Using its chromoly steel-trellis framework and 693cc Single engine borrowed from the KTM 690 Duke through the Husqvarna 701s, the brand new Husqvarna has a good platform to build from.

From Concept to Reality

Too frequently we see fresh theory models unveiled in international trade shows sporting unrealistic bodywork, ergonomics, or substances. Normally, the very first look at a crazy notion motorcycle will garner first shock and recognition of this construct, followed with a fleeting idea that maybe, just perhaps, the production version will appear somewhat near. But, time and time again, manufacturing models seldom satisfy their wild notion's expectations.

The 2018 Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 seems nearly the spitting image of this version introduced into the world at EICMA in 2015, save to the exposed air filter, neat appearing exhaust vent, and sad to say, the double rotors front.

Husqvarna hammers home its ethos from the Vipilen's advertising material:

"Raw and simple in shape, but progressively contemporary in design and technologies -- this bike truly provides a fresh outlook on urban motorcycling."

This announcement isn't untrue. The bike is definitely modern in style and technologies without being too complex. It's a fun single-cylinder engine and agile handling, nevertheless its own $11,999 MSRP makes me wonder whether it had to be so easy. Husqvarna reps nodded in agreement when asked if they believed the cost would be a problem for the 701, only stating the bicycle had to be costly as a way to be sold as is.

2018 Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 First Ride Review

Modern Design and Technology

As stated before, the 2018 Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 shares exactly the exact same engine as its Supermoto and Enduro 701 sisters, making it an immediate descendant of KTM's 690 Duke motor.

1 look at the dyno graph enables you to understand the engine is going to be a whole lot of fun around town and on twisty streets. Fuel can be delivered easily through the ride-by-wire throttle.

The seating position, which is essentially that of a sportbike, additionally indicates the Vit is going to be fun from the curves but not the very best touring motorcycle. In 5-foot 8-inches, once I jumped to the motorcycle, I detected the rider ergos felt unbelievably spread out, some thing which I had used to immediately and preferred on twistier roads.

While talking of the functioning of the Vitpilen 701, we ought to notice all the technology subtly packed into the machine. Though the 701 utilizes just a single 320mm rotor using a radially mounted four-piston Brembo caliper on the front, stopping power is surely sufficient, possibly because the Swede weighs at 362 lbs -- exactly the like the 390 Duke we recently analyzed. Traction Control wasn't intrusive and also a welcome inclusion. Better still, ABS and TC could be disabled using a key button on the dashboard.

The quickshifter works nicely on upshifts, but the corresponding auto-blip downshift functioned two from ten or more attempts. I had two ideal downshifts by simply applying mild, but willful pressure into the shifter, which was remarkable. However every time following the first two, I could hear and feel that the motor cut on the ignition, but the gearbox would not actually change down with substantial strain on the shifter. You will also observe no detector on the linkage of this shifter itself, because of it being placed within the clutch cap on the shift shaft. Hopefully, these are just teething issues, since the bicycle we tested has been a pre-production version.

The 43mm inverted WP fork features rebound and compression damping via hand-adjustable knobs on peak of the fork tubes whereas the back shock, which utilizes a linkage, is adjustable for rebound and preload. Both front and back offer 5.3-inches of traveling. I had been pleased with the suspension, which worked quite well on canyon roads, though it could be a bit stiff for pothole-ridden cityscapes.

Information is offered to the rider via a fashionable digital screen just in the front of the triple clamp. The streamlined LED headlight is a fantastic figurehead for your Vitpilen 701 using its perimeter daylight running light adding into the bicycle's neo-café racer feel. The hydraulic clutch seems smooth and nice yet, on the version we tested, we're not able to get over two palms on the astonishingly brief clutch lever, maybe not a problem if you are a two-finger clutching sort of man.

Husqvarna has given a contemporary and increasingly styled bicycle using all the Vitpilen 701. With our MO fave KTM Duke 690 selling for $8,999 and the all-new 790 Duke on the way, will that be enough?

2018 Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 First Ride Review

From theory to reality, the bike has remained true to the original design aesthetic of minimalist styling with fantastic functionality. We here in MO appreciated our limited time about the 701 and expect the bike will interest buyers looking for a trendy, well-performing motorcycle. At $11,999, we'll see whether the cost point booths earnings when versions hit U.S. traders in late May of 2018.

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