2018 BMW R nineT Review

2018 MSRP starting at $15,495 (including ABS)
The BMW R nineT.

Unmistakable. Original. Air-cooled. 

2018 BMW R nineT Review - Motorcycling as an indication of pure liberty: landscape, corners, straights. Every mile counts. This is exactly your own path. The R nineT is the best companion and understands hardly any limits in regards to your own satisfaction as a result of its innumerable customization possibilities. The nature of its air-cooled fighter engine, together with its innovative technologies, irresistibly propels you forward in a means which may be clearly felt with its whole torque curve. Right from the beginning, the R nineT has enthralled, motivated and stimulated motorcycling fans across the world.
2018 BMW R nineT Review

Unmistakably the R nineT.

The R nineT includes a diminished design but nevertheless an entirely unmistakable presence. It embodies the passion and invention that BMW Motorrad has set into bike construction throughout the previous 90 decades. Constructed with a huge attention to detail, all substances are always higher quality with classic BMW Motorrad proportions: magnificent fighter engine, streamlined tank and slender back. The fender for example is connected to the forks using two forged mounts. Along with also the headlamp holder is made from aluminum.

A boxer classic.

Its powerful air-cooled, two-cylinder boxer engine features a capacity of 1170 cc and 110 HP (81 kW) of output for a highly dynamic power delivery, even at low speeds. The result: if you are in town or around the country road, each trip is a distinctive experience. The normal BMW Motorrad ABS and discretionary automatic stability control (ASC) enable you to safely deliver the unmistakable lively riding characteristics into the street. The retractable straps are rebound and compression adjustment to match your riding style. The recently designed speedometer and rev counter educates you faithful about whatever you want to know apart from the riding pleasure.

2018 BMW R nineT Review

Relaxed seats, stress-free riding.

The ergonomics of the R nineT are aligned entirely in keeping with its casual overall look and its dynamic riding characteristics. It almost appears to be a paradox, but despite its own engine functionality, the goal here is fullest riding fun with relaxed deceleration. The cushioned ergonomic triangle as well as the still marginally flatter steering head angle permit you to find new paths while keeping an upright, relaxed seating position. Outstanding ergonomics and riding features literally go together with all the R nineT.

Born to be personalized.

The attention when creating the R nineT has been its modular theory for the maximum level of customization choices. Countless private and professional alterations demonstrate just how much possible the R nineT has in this region. Available electronics are organized in a manner that eases the installation of electrical components and the ending piece of the back frame is easily dispersed to accommodate one chair. To present your R nineT a brand new appearance, in addition, there are other tank versions available: the brushed aluminum gas tank with visible or sanded welds, for example, can be put together with the two-part regular rider's seat. You might even replace the back seat with a aluminum chair hump.

2018 BMW R nineT Review

The two special finishes Black Storm Metallic / Vintage and Blue Planet Metallic / Aluminum are now also available. In such versions, the container and seat hump possess an aluminum finish and front wheel protect in your selected colour. The HP sports silencer that is available as an optional accessory, may be placed either low or high for a remarkable look through and through. The optional added accessories, such as the hand grips, are equally as striking. The R nineT is even prepared for expressive optional accessories such as our new Machined components: cylinder head covers, a headlamp ring or motor cover. Together with the R nineT, you do not just get the absolute most out of your trip, but from your system too.

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