2018 BMW HP4 Race Review

2018 MSRP starting at $78,000

Maximized Into The Essentials

The HP4 RACE is greater than the sum of its components. This bicycle is pure emotion. In the evolution right around the racetrack, fire is what's made this race bicycle what it is-an innovation driver made to push the limits.

The HP bicycle is the first bike in the world to offer you a completely carbon framework and fully carbon wheels. A handmade fantasy come true for 750 enthusiasts.

2018 BMW HP4 Race Review
Image source: www.bmwmotorcycles.com

Pure Performance 750 Times Over

Each and each of these 750 limited-edition racing machines has been handmade by our pros and fitted with a numbered sticker. This is for all those people who don't have any limitations and always go farther. We only create this type of concentrated fire for people who talk about it. This is earmarked for frontier crossers whose demands aren't just fulfilled from the HP4 RACE, but need to redefine their needs. There are just a couple like this.

New Benchmark in Lightweight Structure

The framework of this HP4 RACE is constructed from unlimited carbon fiber and can be a constant element from the steering head to the swing arm pivot. When compared with the typical framework, it conserves nearly 9 lbs in weight. It is not all about the looks, instead, its attributes in regards to the BMW HP4 RACE's renewable technologies. The designers eased pre-calculation and integrated function-dependent torsion and rigidity. As stiff as aluminum, as tough as steel. All benefits of the carbon substance were completely drained on the wheels, for example its versatility.

Perfection Right Down to The Tiniest Detail

The dome-shaped windscreen provides riders best protection and retains them at the streamline. The ideal interplay between paintwork and carbon stuff is a highlight of this HP4 RACE, particularly when it reaches a standstill. A new age is dawning for colour also.

Constructed by Hand. Configured for Optimum Performance

Constructed by hand at Berlin, the HP4 RACE engine is a improved variant of this motor in the longstanding WM along with the World SBK.

2018 BMW HP4 Race Review
Image source: www.bmwmotorcycles.com

The very first provider, such as an oil change, is completed after the motor was conducted in and listed on the test stand by our experts. The motor is endoscoped and also the management valve and times clearance are corrected. Meaning that the HP4 RACE is prepared to achieve its whole capacity on the racetrack directly out of shipping.

The Very Best Lap times Really are a Matter of Modification.

The HP4 RACE's racing assert is reflected in each part. There's a 2D dashboard at the self-supporting carbon front which includes all of the important information for engineers and drivers. The 2D data recorder makes it possible for the listed data to be stored and read out. The lively traction control (DTC) is worked with exact buttons and gives the best traction for every single racing scenario. The gear-dependent energy delivery and programmable engine brake, wheelie controller, the pit lane limiter and launching controller, are all additional digital features that guarantee problem-free racing performance. The electronics will be topped off with all the reduced cable harness as well as the lithium batteries set up at the self-supporting carbon framework tail. The carbon framework tail, an extra portion of this best ergonomics of this HP4 RACE, may be adjusted to three levels.

Individual, by the Chair Height into the Model Number

Additional driver-specific alterations can be made into the handlebar tapering along with the footrest system. The six-gear, "close-ratio" transmission includes transmission phases adapted into the World Championship specification and may be further accommodated with added secondary transmissions (included in the scope of delivery). At World Championship degree and also 215 hp to utilize, the oil and water-cooled four-cylinder lookup engine is assembled by our expert group, assessed on the test stand and delivered using a test certification. Each and every engine accomplishes the essential power curve.

Well thought Out to Your Largest Challenges

The FGR 300 upside down fork as well as the TTX 36 GP spring strut created by Öhlins are famous in the World Superbike. The HP4 RACE's carbon-fiber woven rims store 3.4 pounds compared with forged wheels and are noticeably more nimble as a result of its reduced mass.

2018 BMW HP4 Race Review
Image source: www.bmwmotorcycles.com

The constant lightweight structure has all the Volltitan exhaust system out of Akrapovič along with also the hand-brushed gas tank. All things considered, those will also be the details which produce a dry weight of 322 pounds (378 pounds fully fueled (DIN)) potential. The titanium screws set up from the dimensions 6, 8 and 10 don't only save weight on the HP4 RACE, but also on the tools needed.

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