2017 BMW C Evolution Scooter Overview

2017 MSRP starting at $13,750 (including ABS)

Tomorrow is not a compromise.

You're able to experience tomorrow's urban liberty today together with the BMW C development -- with no compromise. On the contrary: that electrically powered maxi-scooter combines sustainability, agility and dynamics using a layout that catches everybody's eye. Every other automobile in urban traffic will become left behind together with the fumes and noise. The strong, fully electric engine ensures instantaneous torque along with a riding array of around 99 miles. This version also comes in four riding manners, and smart electricity recuperation during braking and accelerating. Riding functionality of the maximum order, environmental friendliness, and advanced technology -- that the C development stands for riding joy with no compromise.

2017 BMW C Evolution Scooter Overview

Charged up propulsion.

In spite of traditional internal combustion engines, the C development's electrical engine offers peak torque from a standstill, rather slowly building up to the summit torque. With peak output of 48 HP (35 kW) and 53 lb-ft (72 NM) of torque at the crankshaft, this system offers instant riding pleasure. The highest speed is electronically limited to 80 miles to guarantee optimized energy consumption and an array. With acceleration from 0 -- 30 mph in just 2.8 seconds, you will quickly leave the visitors behind as soon as the light turns green.

2017 BMW C Evolution Scooter Overview

More range, more riding pleasure.

The C development employs the latest production of battery modules. They are equal to those used in the BMW i3 and also permit the C development to attain a selection of up to 99 miles per hour The battery could be charged using its integrated charger in a common 110-volt home socket or using a fast-charge cable in a 220-volt charging channel or optional family wall box.

A design that embodies the future.

The form of the C development is initially sight average of BMW Motorrad. LED lights and a major TFT screen reflect BMW's technical direction, although the striking split-face fairing shares its own DNA with the remainder of the BMW Motorrad family. A statement is determined by the brand new, attractive color-Ionic Silver Metallic using an Electric Green accent shade. The picture behind covering adds into the electrical scooter's contemporary look. High-quality fit, finish and attention to detail finish the design components of this C.

2017 BMW C Evolution Scooter Overview

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